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Wolvercote Farmers' Market

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Sunday market of organic and fair trade groceries and crafts.

Wolvercote Farmers' Market has gone from strength to strength, and is back to being a true farmers' market, in that veg is local and organic in the main - alternately week by week provided by The Clays (Wallingford) and Sandy Lane Farm (Tiddington). There's a thriving market cafe with tea, coffee, cakes and full English breakfast. There's a good bread stall which has a full range of loaves and usually something fun like saffron buns or little bready hedgehogs. Mr Crudge brings cheese at least once per month, there are a number of meat producers and a roving fishmonger, Ruby from Willowbrook Farm brings eggs, there are Italian, Moroccan, and Indian snack foods for sale, Chillies2U come once or twice per month, SESI has a stall of fairtrade dried goods and Ecover refills, the bike clinic come (seemingly oblivious to the weather!) and the schedule of who's there when is all on the website. It's warm, friendly, welcoming and well-run. And it's also well-attended. Much the nicest place to shop on a Sunday!

Jen Pawsey (DI Staff), 26/08/13

At both Gloucester Green and Wolvercote Farmers' Markets Renee the lovely Goat farmer can be found. Her yoghurt is deliciously sour and not sloppy, and comes in beautiful glass bottles. If you return them you get a discount on your next yoghurt purchase. And the cheeses are like little patties of goatiness. They're creamy and delicious. I particularly recommend the peppery one. The other excitement is goat cheese cake, but go early if you want to catch it! If you're feeling particularly energetic you could go and visit the goats in their home territory of the Windrush valley.

Jen Pawsey (DI Staff), 13/07/11

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Wolvercote Farmers' Market website

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